Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of students do you work with? Do you work with beginners?

I work with motivated teens and adults.  Students may be beginning singers, but I prefer them to have a musical background, and know how to read music.  


What kinds of music will I sing?

I find it best to especially work on classical music and musical theater.  Students are welcome to work on jazz, cabaret and popular music, but it is best if students choose their own repertoire in these genres and provide sheet music. There will also be some attention to sight-singing, depending on the level of the student.  


What’s the right age to begin voice lessons?
Students may begin singing at any age, but most students are ready for more technical study in their early teens. I would encourage younger students to sing in a school or church choir, or begin learning an instrument before they are ready for private voice instruction. 


How is the lesson-time structured?
The first 10 to 20 minutes are spent on technical practice. The rest of the lesson is spent applying technical principles to your repertoire, analyzing music and text, and sometimes choosing new pieces.


How often are the lessons and how long do they last?
I prefer that students take weekly lessons. Most lessons are scheduled for 40 minutes, but may vary depending on the age, level and needs of the student. 


How often will I need to practice?
Beginning students should schedule at least three practice sessions of 15-30 minutes per week. Advanced students should expect to practice roughly twice that amount.


Do I need to be able to read music to study with you?
I strongly prefer that students are familiar with reading music. You must also have a piano or keyboard at home for practicing.


Do you audition your students?
Anyone is welcome to set up a trial lesson.  Then, we can determine if we are a good student-teacher match.


How much do you charge? 

Please contact me via email at for more information regarding lesson pricing.  

What is your cancellation policy? 

Cancellations made before 24 hrs notice are not charged, and may be applied to following lessons, or rescheduled.  Cancellations within 24 hrs will be offered a reschedule within the week.  If no alternate time can be managed, the lesson is forfeited.