"Let music be a passageway to Your heart"

I started warming up this morning, and found it difficult to get a good breath because my stomach was grumbling.  It really makes singing difficult!  So, I grabbed a banana and some peanut butter for a quick snack.  Because it’s almost impossible for me to sit down to eat a snack by myself without something else to occupy my mind, I started flipping through the pages of my journal.  (Better than Netflix, right?  Progress!) 


“Let making music be a passageway to Your heart, Jesus.”  I prayed this prayer on December 11, 2011, in my purple leather journal, that Gilbert had given me.  I read that page again today and was amazed, because although there had been glimpses of God’s faithfulness to my petition that year, they are so much more real to me today.  I am beginning to see how He is answering that very prayer.  This is not the kind of prayer that God can answer in a moment, or even a day.  It is an ongoing process that will probably continue for the rest of my life.  In almost every voice lesson, there seems to be some small concept I am trying to apply that is a direct metaphor for a life unabandoned for God.  Perhaps the most obvious one is to simply let go.  


And so, I have finally decided to document this journey of letting go.  I may love to sing, but I believe he put that desire in me first and foremost to draw me closer to Him, and hopefully, by sharing my journey, I may encourage others to do the same. In this blog, I hope to share all the amazing parallels I encounter between growing and developing my voice, and growing and developing my relationship with God, within the context of my day to day.  Here we go! 


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    Laura (Monday, 03 June 2013 16:26)

    Yay!! So glad you're writing :) You have a gift for that as well as your singing. Happy you're sharing it. XO!